Fire Cider for Health and Wellness

Boost your immune system!

Flu and sickness season has descended upon us. It seems as though the flu is manifesting itself as an upper respiratory virus this year, and I am seeing my community going down right and left! Besides washing your hands and drinking lots of water, what else can you do to give your body its best chance at warding off illness?

Fire cider and raw honey.

I am offering 16 oz of fire cider, with the option of a 6 oz container of grade A, local, raw honey. Everything you need to help your body combat illness! See my Available Ferments, and email me or come to an event to purchase this combo.

What is fire cider?

“Fire cider” is a bunch of good stuff, steeped in organic apple cider vinegar. It’s a warming tonic, a home remedy, that boosts your immune system and has anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, antibacterial, and anti-oxidant properties. And it tastes good!

Why are you selling honey with the fire cider?

Some brands put honey in the tonic, but I know that everyone likes a different level of sweetness, and some of you don’t do honey as a part of a commitment to cruelty free ethics. So I offer #sidehoney.

This honey is extremely local, and very special. Beez Kneez is a woman-owned business in Minneapolis that does amazing work to educate and advocate for pollinators. They extract their honey using bicycles, deliver their honey by bike, and even bike deliver to your home! They are committed to raw honey- no heat/pasteurization is used, which means more natural goodness for us.

This honey is “zip sourced” in the 55406, thanks to hive host Ghandi Mahal- a Minneapolis restaurant with amazing food, first closed-loop aquaponics system ever installed in a Minnesota restaurant, very supportive of urban agriculture. This is all made possible by Beez Kneez partnering with different urban institutions to host bees, teach, and advocate for the health of our pollinator friends.

How should I consume fire cider?

Fire cider is not a “cider,” but an apple cider vinegar tonic. Drink it in small amounts, either straight up, added to water or juice, or as a vinegar replacement in recipes.

I typically put a half a shot to a couple shots (1-2oz or 1-4 tablespoons) into a glass of warm water with a big spoonful of raw honey, once or twice a day. Smaller doses throughout the day are recommended if you feel a cold coming on.

Is fire cider for everyone? All the time?

I certainly enjoy drinking my fire cider, but it is not for everyone. If you don’t like it, or it doesn’t make you feel good- don’t drink it! If you drink it straight, be sure to chase it with some water, because the acidity can be bad for your teeth. For some people, drinking a large amount of apple cider vinegar can cause diarrhea. I don’t like to drink it at night, because the spiciness doesn’t agree with me close to bedtime. But every body is different! So take it slow, try it out, and remember to drink plenty of water. <3

What is in Pickle Witch fire cider?

Because fire cider is a home remedy, there are many many variations on the classic “ginger-garlic-chili-citrus-apple cider vinegar” recipe. It is really important to use organic/chemical-free ingredients because, after a month of steeping, the end product is saturated with whatever you put into it. This is my favorite recipe! (Medicinal information mostly gleaned from Rosemary Gladstar’s work.)

Raw, unpasteurized, organic apple cider vinegar
The base of this tonic, acv contains beneficial probiotics and is good for digestive health.

Anti-inflammatory, warming, and supports your immune system.

This makes the air around you SPICY! Great for clearing your sinuses

Good for upset stomachs, and in general warms up and gets your digestion moving. It is also an anti-inflammatory.

Antibacterial, and good for your blood system. There’s not much I don’t use garlic for.

They produce a viscous substance that is antibacterial and soothing for throats and sinuses.

Antibacterial, boosts the immune and circulatory system.

Good source of vitamin C, and good for your skin and mood.

Emerging research shows the antibacterial properties of capsaicin. Peppers are also good for warming, clearing sinuses, and hear health.

Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, honey is especially nutritious when raw. (Heat destroys some of its natural healing properties.) And it is delicious!