October Pickle Sales

Thanks for being interested in buying fermented goods from Pickle Witch! Here is how to find me in October.

Save $4 on every jar you purchase!

Bring a clean 8 oz, 16 oz, or 32 oz canning jar (e.g. Mason, Ball, Kerr) for every jar of pickles you purchase and get $4 off. 

I use reusable canning jars to distribute my pickles. Although this is the biggest cost in my production, I believe in using jars made in the USA, that will be reused again and again, relieving pressure on the waste/recycle stream. Recycle! Reduce! REUSE!


Half pint/8oz- $12 ($8 with a jar)
Pint/16 oz- $16 ($12 with a jar)
Quart/32 oz- $22 ($18 with a jar)

What kind of pickles are available?

All pickles are vegan and gluten-free unless clearly labeled otherwise. If you have a specific allergy, please just ask!

“These goods are homemade and not subject to state inspection.”

My fermented pickles are great as a side pickle, with ramen, with cheese, and in sandwiches! Go wild.

What’s the deal with a porch pick up?

Message or email picklewitchmagic@gmail.com for the address, and show up during the sale hours! I am a registered cottage food producer, so selling food from my porch is perfectly legal and fun. Don’t forget to punch your loyalty card!

How to care for your fermented pickles

The lids will be loose when you pick them up. Screw the top on for transport, and immediately put the jars in the fridge. They are live, so time spent in a warm room will heat up the fermentation process, which creates CO²- if too much gas builds up, your jars could go boom. Over time, the flavor of the pickles will keep developing. Kept in the fridge most fermented veggies are good for up to a year! If you think you can keep from eating it for that long…

Thank you for supporting your local pickle fiend!