Care and Handling Instructions

You’ve got pickles!  Now what?


You received your pickles in a sterilized jar with a brand new lid. If you see white mold form on the surface, scoop a generous top layer off and transfer your pickles to a clean container.  Kahm yeast is a white film and completely harmless. To avoid funky things happening, squish your pickles down below their liquid in the jar, like how you received it.

Refrigeration slows the fermentation process to a crawl. You’ll need to keep your ferment cool in the fridge so CO2 gas, a byproduct of lacto-fermentation, doesn’t build up in your jar. Crack the lid periodically to “burp” it. Over time your pickles will continue slowly fermenting, becoming more “sour,” but it will not go bad before you have a chance to eat it!

11 ways to enjoy fermented veggies

1. Straight outta the jar
2. With white rice and a fried egg on top
3. In a quesadilla
4. Kimchi stew- Kimchi-jjigae
5. Kimchi fried rice- Kimchi-bokkeumbap
6. Kimchi pancake- Kimchijeon
7. Grilled “kimcheese” sandwich
8. On top of ramen
9. Drain, chop, and dress up a veggie dog
10. Roll it up in sushi maki
11. Drink the pickle juice as a pickle-back


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